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About Us

Lembaga POSITIF, which stands for Lembaga Perkumpulan Orang Sipil Partisipatif (the organization of participative people), is a non-profit organization that has been established since 1 March 2011 in Medan, Indonesia. The establishment of this institution was driven by our deep concern on the lack of Indonesian citizen participation in various community-related, nation state-related and governance-related activities. We believe that the citizen participation is closely related to the welfare of the citizens and therefore any effort to grow and to increase the citizens’ participation need to be initiated, supported and strengthened.

As summarized in the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization, this institution defines that citizen participation is all about care and involvement. This does not mean that the level of citizen participation is dependent on the level of citizen care and involvement. Rather, this institution supports the idea saying that the level of citizen participation is identical with the level of citizen care and involvement. In other words, participation IS care and involvement.

The Team and Personnel of this institution have been developing programs to cope with the said problem and the community are involved in all stages of such program developments, from planning, execution to monitoring/evaluation. As described in What We Do, all programs will fall into at least one of four main pillars of our programs, which are: (1) Educating the Citizens, (2) Motivating the citizens, (3) Equipping the citizens, and (4) Facilitating the citizens to become participative citizens. This institution is opened for any kind of program as long as it is effective to achieve its goals including advocacy, consultancy and physical programs.

We are inviting you to move forward toward Indonesia whose citizens are participative in social, economy, politics, education, and environment issues as well as in government bureaucracy and policies in various sectors, public facility management, etc., in their regions.

You can participate (care and get involved) in our programs through several means. Please open How You Can Help for the available means.