What We Do

In order to achieve its goal, Lembaga POSITIF has been developing programs suitable with the condition and needs of the citizens. Any development of programs at this organization will always be based on the 4 main program pillars of organization, which are:

  1. Educating.  We attempt to increase the citizens awareness and knowledge about their rights and obligations in participating for the nation and state.
  2. Motivating. We highlight the importance of citizen participation in a nationhood and statehood  and encourage them to participate in the form of real actions.
  3. Equipping. We equip the citizens with abilities or skills required to become participative.
  4. Facilitating. We help, guide and suggest ways for the citizens in order to enable them participate properly, effectively and efficiently.

Methods or approaches used in programs are varied, depending on their effectiveness, efficiency and suitability with the community. We are not reluctant to any kind, method or approach as long as it does not contradict with the law, vision, mission and values of the organization. Based on above core principles, then discussion, advocacy, consultancy and physical development may become the choice of the organization.

At the moment we are implementing below projects:

  1. SUMATIF Project
  2. Consultancy and Training