SUMATIF stands for suplai materi yang bersifat informatif, edukatif dan inspiriatif (supply of informative, educative and inspiring materials). This project has been developed based on our 4 main program pillars, which are to educate, to motivate, to equip and to facilitate the citizens to become participative.

In this project:

I. We provide informative, educative and inspiring materials for the citizens.

  1. The materials could be in the form writings/pictures, audio or video from original or valid source.
  2. The materials cover areas or aspects which are relevant for the improvement of citizen participation, for examples aspect of citizenship, law, economy, social, health, education, public services and facilities, governance, etc.
  3. The materials is made available in a few forms and ways: published on our website, distributed to individuals or groups of people by email, or distributed directly by courier in the form of printed materials or CDs.

II. We do not require or demand any money from individuals or groups of people who are sent with or request for those materials. The materials are given or provided free of charge.

III. We held and facilitate (by people request or by our own initiative) events whose purpose is to increase citizen participation.

IV. The main target of this project is citizen whose ages are between 17-60 years old.

V. We encourage two-way communication with the target groups through email, chats, phone conversation or face-to-face discussion on various issues which are relevant or suitable to educating, motivating, equipping and facilitating citizens to become participative.

VI. We seek and accept materials of above categories from people. If the contents is suitable, we will upload/publish them on our website or our other media by mentioning the source name. For now, we are not able to compensate any material contribution with financial means. We are only ableĀ  to say a thank you with a sincere heart.